412. Love, Springfieldian Style

Love, Springfieldian Style(originally aired February 17, 2008)
This is another three-story episode. We have at least one of them a year to pad out the season, because why come up with an original story when you can lift ones from elsewhere under the guise of parody? They were kind of cute in the era of “Bible Stories” and “Tall Tales,” but now they’re the most disposable types of episodes there are. They make so little an impact, and I’ve run out of things to say about them. So let’s blow through this quickly. First is Bonnie and Clyde, played by Marge and Homer. It’s boring. Second is Lady and the Tramp, again played by Marge and Homer. It’s boring too, albeit with a slightly interesting art style. Lastly is Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, played by Nelson and Lisa. It’s the least boring, if only because seeing this Sex Pistols drug romp with children as the leads is a bit disconcerting to watch. Does anyone like these episodes? Honestly, it’s complete dead air.

Tidbits and Quotes
– The second segment recreates the famous spaghetti scene, of course, but in half the time, “Two Dozen and One Greyhounds” parodied it more expertly: with Luigi’s quick “It fell on the floor” line and the dogs fighting over the one strand as dogs would do. Here, Homer sucks up Marge’s head because he’s a food monster! And Luigi gets arrested for serving animals or something. Whatever.
– I had to fast forward through that song. I could not sit through it. And the second part of the story is confusing to me. Homer’s singing about wanting to settle down with Marge, and doesn’t appear to be perturbed by her having puppies as he was before. So many months go by and the puppies are born, and Homer is still a no-show. Then the cute little Bart and Lisa puppies go and search for their Daddy, and Homer hides cowardly in the shadows. Then Willie the dog catcher snatches the two up, even though they’re clearly wearing collars, and locks them in the pound. What?
– Putting Goofy to sleep, who keeps asserting he’s half-human, is kind of a funny, grisly joke, but then they completely ruin it when he walks out of the gas chamber (“This place is no picnic, but it sure beats working for Disney!”) Oh snap! Sick burn, you guys!
– I smirked at CBGB’s: Comic Book Guy’s Bar. Yawn.


12 responses to “412. Love, Springfieldian Style

  1. The Glory of Being a Clown

    This is the first episode you’ve reviewed that I haven’t seen even a small part of. I guess this is where I finally stopped watching the shadows of this show flicker across the tv screen every Sunday. I remain impressed and slightly saddened that you continue to put yourself through this.

  2. This was the episode where I gave up with the show (‘That 90’s Show’ came damn close but this one was just adding insult to injury). Watched it with my family too, who also couldn’t believe how much the show has fallen. And this episode is FOUR YEARS OLD, AND THE DAMN SHOW IS STILL GOING. AGGH.

  3. The first segment was okay. I liked how Homer and Marge kept talking to each other even while beating showered with bullets (though no blood? That’s realistic), and Wiggum being offended by the racist cartoon.

    The second segment was very forgettable. The animation/art style wasn’t even that much different from the norm; now Family Guy’s Disney universe in “Road to the Multiverse”? THAT was different. In a good way.

    The third segment was gross and I actually shut it off before it ended.

    Overall? Eh. Makes me wanna puke. Like a cat. (hacks up a hairball; licks face)

  4. LOL shortest review ever let’s hope ZS hasn’t turned you insane (yn)

  5. That screengrab alone almost makes me want to puke.

  6. The thing that sticks with me the most from this one is a Woody Woodpecker cartoon where he eats Mexican food and then starts vomiting. Yep, this is what the show has become.

  7. They parody Lady & The Tramp and what do they do? Throw in jokes about ball licking and butt sniffing. Zombie Simpsons, everybody!

    For the longest time I thought this was the last trilogy episode. Turns out I was right. Next season we get a tetralogy!

  8. Shortest review EVAH! Can you dig it?

  9. Wow, this was the first time ever I actually switched an episode off before the end (I also muted that awful song). I even stuck with that 90s Show til the end, although only in the forlorn hope it would turn out to be a dream or some other crap. This was dreadful, the show needs putting to sleep, it’s getting even worse than Family Guy.


    Fuck these lazy unimaginative writers.

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