…it rebegins…

Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna do it. Clearly I’m out of my mind, but here we are. The length of reviews and my schedule will be slightly truncated against last time. They’ll have a slightly different format, and posts will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the first one being tomorrow. So, I guess here we go again. I can think of no better way to start than this old Simpsons clip, wherein Bart predicts the show’s future to a T.


2 responses to “…it rebegins…

  1. Hey Mike, first-time commenter, long-time reader. You have a great blog here and I’ve wasted many an hour poring over your reviews.

    When I saw you were starting up again, I was thrilled. But after reading for the last week or so – and I mean this with all due respect – I think you should stop. Not because the writing is bad or your critiques are unjustified. But because it’s too damn depressing. These shows aren’t salvageable in any way, it would seem (I haven’t seen anything past season 20), and even acknowledging them gives them far too much credit. It’s so heartbreaking to read your descriptions of these shows, and I know that, unless the show magically gets better writers, each review is going to be as sigh-inducing as the last.

    I say this as a fan of both the Simpsons and your commentaries. Do what you want (as well you should), but please consider it.

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