Announcement (read: I give up)

I’ve been a bit busy as of late and the next review will have to go up Wednesday. Moving off of that, I think I’m gonna call it quits at the end of season 21. I rebooted this blog in a morbid curiosity of what was to follow beyond my 444 episode mark, and what I found was… pretty unsatisfying. They’re pretty much all awful, but not in any ways that are interesting or even particularly ire inducing for me to really get that upset over. Once we got into season 19 and 20, the show just became twenty minutes of white noise, this wave that would come over me that I was more or less apathetic over. I can watch all the way up to the current season, but I’m reminded now why I stopped. What’s the point? As annoyed and bothered as we might get of the show still running (with a newly announced full 26th season and all), I think it’s best to just abide by the words of Mr. Paul Anka: Just don’t look.

So there’s four episodes left in season 21, and I might as well finish them up. After that I think I’ll finally scramble together a long delayed wrap-up to my long Simpsons experience, and maybe one or two articles after that. Stay tuned for some stuff. Maybe.

15 responses to “Announcement (read: I give up)

  1. Brock Haverfield

    Aww, there were some horribly stupid episodes past 21 I was hoping you would take the piss out of.

    Well, I don’t blame you and I look forward to the wrap up.

  2. Can’t say I blame you really Mike and thanks for at least showing us your thoughts beyond the 444 mark and be ready for a barf bag when you’re watching The Bob Next Door you’re going to need it (sorry i can’t spoil it i need a genuine response from you for this)

  3. Pretty understandable really. I found your reviews to be more insightful than mere “white noise.” I also think that the later seasons should be reviewed in your sort of fashion as I think they actually DO get worse as time goes on. The upcoming Simpsons episode that will function as a Futurama crossover simultaneously with their agreement to crossover with Family Guy will probably function as the series nadir.

    But if you’re adamant about ending this than by all means do so. Watching Seasons 20-21 is something I wouldn’t force upon my worst enemy.

  4. That’s pretty sad, but you made it further than most of us ever did. Even me who gave this show way too many chances.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about this Mike, and a bit sad, but not surprised. I had a very slight feeling this might happen, a man can only take so much BS and ZS.

    You’ve done a really great job reviewing The Simpsons through every season from 1 to 21 and you’ve come so far, I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughts, opinions and criticisms of the whole series (almost, still more to go)..

    I’m glad that now you’re a member of DHS, you can write us articles on their sometimes or whatever you feel up too. Or are assigned.

    Please please, always keep this blog up for us and future generations to come, back it up, make it into a book, it belongs in The Library of Congress! It is that good. One of the best blogs I’ve ever read, and I’ve read dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds.

  6. If you keep going you’ll get to the fabled recent reasons wherein the quality apparently improves.

  7. Well, thanks for the second try. You watched ‘Greatest story ever dohed’, so I think I’ll be just fine.

  8. Perfectly understandable. With no end to the show in sight, and pretty much all the episodes after season 21 being utterly dull and unmemorable, reviewing them is a pretty thankless task. There isn’t even anything aggressively awful and offensive like ‘The Boys of Bummer’ any more either. Just tedium.

    Anyway, you’ve done very well to keep it going for this long and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your write-ups! Just remember to update your Episode Index after you’ve finished.

  9. Awww… I was already preparing your eulogy for after season 23.

  10. Your new ones weren’t as good as the old ones.

  11. I’ll miss your blog, Mike, but I can totally understand – you’ve done what you set out to do, and honestly, there must be a better use of your time than trawling through 20 minutes of tedium for one funny line, if that.

    I would disagree with some earlier posters who said everything from s21 onwards is tedious rather than aggressively awful; Politically Inept With Homer Simpson is memorably atrocious. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was watching. And Scorpion’s Tale… good lord. But you’ve done your time, Mike, and the blog is fantastic – do keep it up after you’re finished.

  12. You ran the Yellow Gauntlet as long as you could. Nobody can blame you.

  13. Too bad, it was nice to see your return, but I can understand why it’s cut short. Latter era Simpsons will do that to a man.

    Just curious, will you perhaps be continuing with your Dreamworks or Disney blogs? If only to hear your views on Wreck-It Ralph.

  14. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    ::peeks ahead::


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