A Brief Announcement

Firstly I’d like to send a thank you to those who are keeping up with this blog, which presumably means you’re enjoying my write-ups. I’d like to think my analyses have improved somewhat over time, and hopefully I’ve made them interesting enough to keep you guys reading, and keep the spirit of classic Simpsons alive. This project is a huge undertaking (as mentioned, I’m only a fourth of the way through), and I plan to see this thing to the very end.

That being said, come 2012, updates may start becoming a bit more infrequent. Starting January, I will be attending the DAVE School in Orlando for a one year program in computer animation and visual effects, something I’m sure will eat up a fair amount of my time. On top of that, I’m also planning on diving up the little free time I’ll have to do other reviews; I’m long overdue to update my Disney Animated Canon blog to include the two newest films (Tangled and Winnie the Pooh), and I also want to start a whole new one devoted to going through the Dreamworks Animation library, to examine an entirely new studio’s body of work and its evolution to where it is now. It’s just something I figured would shake things up, and would freshen up my critical mind to analyze something other than The Simpsons for a change.

So yeah, this project may take a little longer than my now roughly one-season-a-month schedule now, but it was already going to take over a year anyway, so what’s one more? I’m glad a bunch of you out there are enjoying the blog, and I hope you continue to in the future.

Also, I’m going away for a few days. Expect the next review next Monday.

8 thoughts on “A Brief Announcement

  1. Wondered how long you could keep up the speed of your output. Something which my South Park one can currently only dream of.

    Should give me a chance to catch up then and I look forward to the Pixar series.

      1. Pixar orgasmic compliment? really? i love your blog so i thought you had better taste.. Besides Toy Storys saga the Pixar and Dreamworks movies are just ordinary and sometimes kitsch wannabes of Disney timeless masterpieces(1938-1978)

      2. Edde Enne: Dreamworks? Yes. Pixar? No! If you go into detail about how each of the classic Pixar films (IMHO pretty much all of them except Cars 2, Brave and Monsters University) is a lesser version of some classic Disney animation, I might consider your point, but you haven’t provided any further elaboration. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and given the general critical reception of almost every Pixar film, that’s a pretty extraordinary claim.

  2. I’ve been impressed with the frequency of your reviews, so I can’t blame you for throttling back a bit. They’re a joy to read. I typically visit the blog first thing in the morning when I come into work (my coworkers might think I’m nuts, laughing for seemingly no reason, as I’m reminded of classic quote or gag). Keep up the great work.

    On a side note, congrats on moving to sunny FL. If you’re new to the area, rest assured that Orlando is a great city. I live in Cape Canaveral, somewhat nearby.

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